Meg Myers (the smiley hippie, not sultry songstress) is a self proclaimed Jill-of-all-trades. Growing up in a rural town outside of Sacramento, CA she learned how to do stained glass at a young age from her dad. She left the golden state to earn her BFA at the University of Colorado, where she began to understand more her passion for creating. One more move back to CA, two awesome artist apprenticeships, a spectacular quarter-life crises later, and she was ready to start her business.

After having hands in many mediums, glass was the one that stuck. She returned to the skills her dad taught her, broke down an old single pane window she had, and started constructing small geometric homes for an ever-growing succulent habit. This fun exploration soon erupted into a dumpster diving, craigslisting, city-wide scavenger hunt for more windows, which came in abundance. Finding so many windows that were ultimately headed for the dump made it clear to her that she wanted to use exclusively repurposed glass.  Check out the "glass" page for more about reclaimed window glass.

Meg returned to Sacramento in 2013, and is currently working out of her downtown studio alongside some of Sacramento’s finest craftspeople. 

Also, she's a huge dope.